We organise:
- Conferences
- Weddings
- Receptions
- Banquets
- Formal dinners
- Local cuisine dinners with live folk music
- Carriage rides
- Outdoor bonfires
- Excursions to Tatry or Pieniny mountains, raft trips down the Dunajec river, to Slovakia

We have a conference room / multifunctional of 97 m2 area.

It is cosy and stylish which creates unique conditions for organising an incentive or a conference.

Number of seats:
- In theatrical layout: 50
- In school layout: 40
- In banquet layout: 40

- Projector
- Screen
- Flip-chart board
- Wireless internet access
When organising incentives (four-wheelers, off-road, hiking wall, zorba ball etc.) we cooperate with a specialised company Góral Event.

Bukowina Termy

Terma Bukovina - Nocleg blisko basenów

Terma Białka

Białka Tatrzańska | kompleks basenów i stacje narciarskie od Silene tylko 6 km

Wyciągi Narciarskie

Stacje Narciarskie | Rusiń-ski, Jurgów, Bania w Białce Tatrzańskiej